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Gilbert Scharsach

Publisher and chief editor

Gilbert has been an international entrepreneur and manager for many years

“For a businessman, traveling is part of the job.
I used to work for international groups, always on the move, traveling the world for my businesses.

And that’s the crazy thing: When top managers from different countries meet in any place  in the world, you’ll always get the questions: How do you like the city, and which hotel are you staying in?

And that’s a first test, because you can not possibly answer: In a Sheraton. Or a Hilton. Or a romantic little place at the city outskirts.

A little showing-off is part of representing an international group.

That’s the reason why top-managers of big groups are always booked in top hotels at company expenses. Your hotel choice is part of your appearance, your self-presentation.

You are basically pressured to stay in the best hotel in town, wherever you are. And that pressure, as an avowed lover of luxury, has made my job very pleasant.

At some point I started to develop a passion for the world’s finest luxury resorts, for these beautiful spaces where so many people work hard to create something perfect, something unique.

And when I had a vacation I wanted to see the best beach or spa resorts of the world. For short stays of 2 or 3 days, even the most luxurious resorts of the world were affordable.
And more than 3 days of vacation I never had.

The passion for luxury hotels is hard to explain. Why hotels out of all things in the world? How can one be fascinated by something so banal?

I’ll tell you why.
Because in luxury hotels some of the highest arts and the finest crafts come together.

Think about it: Architecture and interior design, two of the finest skills of mankind since hundreds of years, the design of furniture, of the rooms, the lobby and the bars, the fabrics, the wallpapers. The design of the lamps and the bathrooms.
And don’t forget the restaurant and the wine cellar. A high-end luxury resort without a Michelin star restaurant and an extensive wine cellar is hardly thinkable nowadays.

And don’t forget landscape design: The pool, the gardens, the beach must look like our subconscious imagination of paradise. The breathtaking flower arrangements in lobbies or hotel bars, the art, the paintings, frescos, sculptures, little details in today’s luxury hotels that many people don’t even notice.

All these outstanding artists and craftsmen try to create worlds of sublime comfort and coziness.

Of course, this isn’t true for all 5 or 6 star hotels in the world, or to be very honest, it’s only a limited few.

But exactly those few, the best of the best hotels in the world, I will show you in this guide.

These places are made to celebrate life and all the beautiful things in it.”