Adlon Berlin

A Berlin landmark
The Spa, the Breakfast, the Brandenburg gate.
Unter den Linden 77 10117 Berlin Deutschland

And it’s famous, for its 100 years of history, for its famous guests (from Rockefeller to the Zar of Russia, or a little more recent Queen Elisabeth or Michael Jackson), and for its unbeatable location:

Right in front of the Brandenburg gate, the symbol for German unity in the heart of the posh part of the German capital. “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate!” said US-President Ronald Reagan in 1987 to the Russian president, and 2 years later the gate, once symbol for the separated Germany, became the symbol of unity. Here you’re sitting right in front of it while having breakfast of coffee, you can freely walk through it forth and back.

The Adlon is one of those places you need to visit once.

It’s hard to describe what’s so special about it, there’s a few other super-chique luxury hotels in Berlin: The beautiful Regent at Gendarmenmarkt, the classy Hotel de Rome, the stylish The Stew or the somewhat annoying super-hipster Soho House.

But none of them has as much history, elegance and flair as the Adlon.

The Lobby area reminds you of the 1960ies, but is still a good place to spend an hour, especially the Brunnen Bar, where you should try one off the famous (slightly Asian flavoured) cocktails – for example the Arigato Mon ami (which means “thank you my friend” in English), a really interesting orange cocktail on a Lillet and Sake liquor base.

The Quarré Restaurant is a high-class restaurant for reasonable prices, and although the cured mackerel (one of the northern German specialties) wasn’t really my piece of cake, the standards such as beef fillet or the understatement dishes like fried chicken and Wiener Schnitzel are of highest quality, the Chateaubriand with a world-class Sauce Béarnaise is to die for: It is a 2-persons platter for 89 Euros, and the 30 minutes wait is totally worth it.

The best part however is the restaurant’s location: Make sure to reserve a table with a view.

There’s another restaurant I would recommend in the Adlon, the Asian Sra Bua by Tim Raue. A little less traditional, it’s actually an Asian-European crossover, and a delicious Sichuan pork belly with smoked Topinambour proves them right.

What I enjoy most about the Adlon is the indoor pool and spa area. Nothing spectacular really, not even big – the pool is only 11 meters long – but it has this hard-to-find feelgood atmosphere: Quiet, classy, this spa is so elegant and beautiful, warm and cosy, perfect lighting, I have spent the most relaxing afternoons here on those typical rainy Berlin days.

And the rooms? Well, with almost 400 rooms the Adlon is a really big hotel. And like in most big hotels, there are nicer and – sorry Adlon – not so nice ones.

Try to get one on the Brandenburg gate side, or the Linden side at least. Avoid the courtyard if you can. And do ask for the room size, they are different, believe me. If you need lots of space and have some money to spend, ask for the Royal Suite with the famous marble bathroom. That’s a real fairytale-suite to stay in.

The famous marble bathroom of the Royal Suite.

If you ask for a nice room with your reservation, or if you book a higher category, you will usually be delighted by the rooms. And you’ll also be delighted by the breakfast, which is a real treat:

A colorful selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, of cheeses and – you couldn’t guess that – fish. It’s northern Germany after all. Try the impressive nostalgic prosciutto machine, and have their famous hot chocolate for dessert.

You want the real deal? The crazy fancy millionaires breakfast?

Well, then go for the Lorenz Adlon Gourmet Breakfast, the most expensive breakfast in the whole of Germany. Yes you’re right, it’s 680 Euros, but don’t worry, it’s for two!

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But then again, to be fair, I should mention it comes with Beluga Kaviar, Balik salmon, black truffeles omelets, Angus beef steak, and one bottle of Champaign, a Dom Perignon 2004 of course. This is definitely a special-occasions-treat – and in case you are wondering how often it’s ordered: About once a month, mostly by Russians and Arabs. And almost always the wealthy guests order it in the room. Needless to say, this very special breakfast comes with a butler, who will serve you and pour your drinks.

No matter if you take the 680-Euro breakfast, or just the standard one that’s included in the room rate: Try to reserve a table with a view to the Brandenburg gate for breakfast, and don’t forget to take a picture.

Spa and Fitness

After a long working or shopping day, the Adlon Spa is one of the most peaceful and elegant wellness spots in Berlin.

I personally don’t like most hotel’s spa opening hours, because late evenings, when the hotel spas are usually closed, would be my time to relax, but the Adlon is on the generous side here closing the spa pool and saunas at 10pm.

The gym however is open 24 hours.

But much more importantly, the small pool and the cozy sunbeds right next to it are such a perfectly beautiful and tastefully decorated oasis of relaxation and silence, this little spa paradise is one of the reasons the Adlon is for me the number 1 luxury hotel in Berlin.

Besides, the Spa menu meets the highest standards, and they even offer private Spa suites for those who seek the ultimate seclusion.