Four Seasons
Sharm El Sheik

With its almost-all-time perfect weather Egypt is a convenient travel destination especially for Europeans, Arabs and Russians looking for a beach vacation. There is no such thing as a 6-star hotel category in this sunny country at the Red Sea. And if we are being honest, you can hardly even find a decent 5-star hotel in the two major tourist areas, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik. But luckily, there are two exceptions: The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh in the Hurghada region, and the Four Seasons Hotel in the Sharm El Sheik region.

1 Four Seasons Boulevard, P.O. Box 203

Sharm El Sheikh
South Sinai

What’s the magic of the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheik?

Well, first I would say it’s the usual ingredients of a 6-star hotel: Impeccable service, design, cuisine, absence of mistakes.

And secondly, the Four Seasons offers a wonderful location on a soft hill, a fairytale landscape, garden and pool area with romantic lighting at night. And last, but not least, 4 amazing swimming pools, one for every taste.

Now for my personal taste, at least one pool could be a little warmer than the uniform Four Seasons 28 degrees celcius. And of course, the little paths through the hotel area could be lit a bit brighter at night. And yes, one could consider the non-millionaires among the guests when setting restaurant prices.

But tastes are always different, and even a great hotel like the Four Seasons cannot please everyone.

All in all however, for me the Four Seasons is actually the best beach resort in the whole of Egypt.



What is the most special about this house? The sweet little rack railway, which connects the beach area with the main parts of the hotel, is really lovely. Also, the magnificent terrace at the Arabesque restaurant as well as the elegant Il Frantoio restaurant are beautiful places. They make it so easy to relax for a while and forget the time while chatting away with your loved one. And yes, this really is a romantic hotel for couples. If you want to have fun and party with a group of friends, the Four Seasons is not your spot.

Il Frantoio

Il Frantoio

Rooms and suites

Decent rooms according to European standards are rare to find in Egypt. But in the Four Seasons they are as nice as it gets here. The condition of the rooms is almost immaculate and little flaws will get fixed in no time. Rooms are decorated in a typical Arabian style. And while the first category – the superior rooms – somehow help you relax (thanks to their minimal simplicity), the rooms in higher categories have a warmer and more opulent design.

Die Residential Villa ist die gemütlichste des Hauses.

The Residential Villa is the coziest and most comfortable „room“ of the hotel.

 I liked the Royal Suite even better though, because it has the most beautiful private pool. It is not as cozy as the Residential Villa, but has a very nice sea view.

Der Pool der Royal Villa

The pool at the Royal Villa

All 4 pools of the hotel are beautiful and incredibly well maintained. The main pool, the Waha pool, won’t get crowded even when the house is fully occupied. It’s quiet, the pool service is first class and you can overlook the red sea. This is the perfect vacation spot to enjoy the sun, a good book and a drink or two.

Pool Service am Waha Pool

Pool Service at Waha Pool

Insider Tip

For me personally, the most beautiful place in the entire Four Seasons Resort is The Spa Pool. You will find the typical Arabian tiles, palm trees in a row, sunbeds in warm teak wood, and complete silence. It is the smallest of the pools and also a bit hidden, but the peace you will get here is worth the little search.

Geheimtipp: Spa Pool

Insiders´Tip: Spa Pool


I must not forget about the beach. „It looks basically the same everywhere in Egypt“, you might think and you are quite right: Bright, yellow sand and the typical wooden bast umbrellas with two wooden sunbeds – just like in any other proper resort. The difference is in the detail. Here in the Four Seasons, the beach area is a little more beautiful, better-kept, lusher, the difference is in the detail: The chairs, the umbrellas, small tables, cabanas, everything looks a little more elegant than in other 5-star hotels.



To be continued in Oct. 2019 with culinary tours through the main restaurants and more insider infos about the breathtaking rooms – pictures included.