Hassler Rome

5 stars on the Olympus of Rome

In which hotel would Julius Caesar stay if he were still alive? Well, maybe here.
Why? Because the Hassler hotel overlooks the eternal city like no other luxury hotel in Rome. Because of its superior service. Because in its courtyard you can find peace from the hustle and bustle of Rome. And because it is located right in the city center, as central as it can get: The Hassler is definitely the best located 5-star hotel for the luxury traveler in Rome.


The hotel’s Imago restaurant is pure joy: A Michelin star, overlooking the rooftops of the city, wonderful interior design, first-class service. The kitchens’s chef, Hassler veteran Francesco Apreda, cooks with a unique sense of original, authentic Italian flavors and ingredients for an Italian cuisine heaven.

The Hassler Bar is one of the city’s hotspots. Take an aperitivo here before heading out to an evening in the city.

The house is run by Swiss management: Roberto Wirth is not a hotel manager in the traditional sense. He is a humble artist who is creating an outstanding hotel experience made of several ingredients: Impeccable service, a low-key celebrity factor and uncompromised discretion.

Wirth clearly shows more passion and commitment than many other hotel managers. This may be due to the fact that he is not only the director but also the owner of the completely privately run hotel. Only this can explain his dedication, attention to detail and quest for perfection in service.


The Palm Court is probably one of the most precious hidden spots in the entire city of Rome. This is THE place to be to enjoy a glass of champagne in a chic and yet relaxed atmosphere.

Insidertip: Der Palm Court des Hassler Hotel. Diskreter Hotspot der römischen Society.

Insiders‘ Tip: the Palm Court of the Hassler Hotel. Discreet hot spot of the rich and beautiful.

The Hassler is all about noble modesty. Have you ever been annoyed with a hotel claiming to be „directly next to the Eiffel Tower“ or „right on the beach“ – when in fact it takes you 20 minutes to get there? The Hassler does the opposite: the homepage reads in Wirth’s characteristic understated words: „The Hassler Roma is … not far from the church Trinita dei Monti above the Spanish Steps“. Not far from the Trinita dei Monti? Above the Spanish stairs? What an understatement: The hotel is exactly besides the church, and directly on top of the Spanish Steps. Look for yourself:

Eine Ansichtkarte verrät's auch dem nicht Römer: Das Hassler liegt auf der spanischen Stiege.

An old postcard proves it: The Hassler is located right on the Spanish stairs, and has been there for a while.

And in the style of this self-portrayal you will experience the whole hotel. The motto of this remarkable house: Exceed expectations and let the service speak for itself. There is extra service, extra perfection, extra elegance. The Hassler offers passionate luxury to its fullest, that sets an example for other 5 star hotels.


To make it short: The Hassler simply has the best location in Rome. Directly on top of the Spanish Steps, overlooking the Via Condotti. Not far from Trevi, Via Veneto and Via del Corso. It does not get any more central.

Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6 00187 Rome, Italy