Le Byblos Saint Tropez

Le Byblos Saint Tropez

The world of the rich and famous


41 rooms, 50 suites
Adresse: 20 Avenue Paul Signac, 83990 Saint-Tropez
Telefon: + 33 (0)4 94 56 68 00
Email: saint-tropez@byblos.com
Internet www.byblos.com
Le Byblos, Saint Tropez

The Byblos is not a hotel. It’s a world of its own. A world that you may enter once you dropped your luggage in your room and you have finally made yourself comfortable by the pool. A world of beauty, wealth and fashion, of luxury, the latest summer dresses and shoes, and a peacock. Yes, there is a real huge peacock bird, wandering around in the beautiful hotel garden like in a fairy land, and he likes to have pictures taken with the hotel guests. Of course, the Byblos is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. In Saint Tropez there are only two other hotels belonging to the prestigious group : The long-established Chateau De La Messardiere and the just as great Residence de la Pinede.

I spent many quiet afternoons by the pool in the beautiful garden of the Byblos. And in no other place I get so little to work done. Even if I bring my best intentions, and my small MacBook Air (perhaps the most practical laptop in the world), on the terrace of the Byblos, it remains mostly switched off. There is just so much to see in this perfectly designed garden. There is so many interesting people to watch and have a chat with at the pool, that it would be a waste to work here. Almost everyone who enjoys his afternoon here under the sun of Saint Tropez, has a story to tell. You not only have to be able, but you also must be willing to pay more than 1,000 Euros per night for a room that is not even set up particularly luxuriously, but is distinguished only by the charm of Provence interior.

That’s why the champagne popping Nouveau Riches from Russia, Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, regulars at Nikki Beach or Club les Palmiers, do not come here. At the Byblos pool there’s no party in the afternoons. Here are people who have gone their way in life, many with great success stories, and who like to afford the Byblos. As a reward for their hard work.

Of course there may be strikingly young ladies accompanying charismatic older men. And one could assume that they too know their share about hard work. But it’s the same for them: If they made it to the Byblos they definitely made it in their profession.

The Byblos hotel has history, a history that is closely linked to Saint Tropez, THE most famous fishermen’s village in the world. The celebrities and the international jet set society of the past 50 years, they have all been here:

Brigitte Bardot and her third husband Gunter Sachs spent their honeymoon in the Byblos. And Mick Jagger came here with Bianca, before she became his wife. They stayed in room 401, a beautiful suite with a balcony. On this very balcony Jagger proposed to Bianca; and in May 1971 they got married in Saint Tropez.

Shortly after the opening of the Byblos in 1967, most of the famous stars and artists of the days became regular guests.

Brigitte Bardot and her third husband Gunter Sachs spent their honeymoon in the Byblos.

Jack Nicholson with Cher

Clint Eastwood / Romy Schneider

Mick Jagger

Even though the hotel’s guest list is impressive, the true magic of the Byblos lies in the life at the hotel pool. You will never forget the peaceful days that you spent in this beautiful garden by the pool.

Imagine a perfect day at the Cote d’Azur: At the little table on the left you will have your breakfast. Long and cozy, and nobody here will push to finish on time. Then eventually you move to one of the comfortable deck chairs by the pool (in the background) inviting you to take a little nap. Later, when the sun starts going down you get hungry again. You can make a quick stop at your room, change and freshen up, and then take an aperitif before dinner – for example, in one of the seating areas in the foreground. The red velvet rope that you can see in the back is just there to remind you that the bathing area ends here. Behind this point you should take your drink not in your swimsuit but in airy, summery Saint Tropez-appropiate attire: Light blue linen trousers and a white, casually unbuttoned shirt, the gent’s all time favorite in Saint Tropez. Ladies wear a summer dress, perhaps with floral patterns or white crochet. Make sure to bring one in your suitcase.


The Byblos is the best located luxury hotel in Saint Tropez. The lower entrance to the hotel is just 50 meters from Place des Lices, the main square of the most beautiful fishing village of the world.
On Place des Lices right in the center of Saint Tropez you will find pretty and always busy street cafes and restaurants. Stop by the famous Brasserie des Arts, the center of night life, where you can have dinner and a dance. It is just 5 minutes from the Vieux Port, the old port of Saint Tropez, where you can spot huge luxury yachts right next to colorful, old sailing boats.

Stroll along the quay, take your aperitif in the long-established Senequier or the famous Café de Paris and watch the richest in the world have dinner on the decks of their luxury yachts. That’s what it looks like when you have everything – financially at least.

Rooms and Suites

First of all: There are no bad rooms at the Byblos. Each room is charming, tastefully decorated and in excellent condition. But still, be careful when making your reservation, because the rooms here are very different. In other words, as pretty as they are, you may not like all of them.
Consider carefully what you are looking for in your perfect Saint-Tropez holiday: Complete peace and quiet, or a view of the pool area? Want bright red color accents in your room or prefer the soft Provençal colors? Need a balcony or will you spend your days on the large terrace by the pool anyways?
Simply call the hotel and find out which room ist best for you. The Byblos staff is trying to respond to all your needs right from the beginning.

If you aren’t a serenity-seeking Hollywood star, insist on a room facing the pool. You will have a view of the pool area, surrounded by the small buildings of the hotel, scattered like a tiny, colorful village. To me, rooms 522 and 620 are the most beautiful of the house. Both are Deluxe Rooms, you have a view of the pool and the sea. Room 620 additionally offers a large terrace with an open air shower.
And one more thing: If you are a light sleeper: Be sure to avoid the room over the nightclub „Caves de Roi“. The music is so loud that you can feel the bass pounding through your bed. Just make sure to stay away from these rooms when making your reservation.


What else makes the Byblos so special?
The breakfast, for example. It is small, and people used to staying in the great luxury hotels in the world will be searching for the breakfast in the breakfast room. Small but mighty that’s the hotel’s philosophy in many ways. Even though being limited, the breakfast is stunning. You will have the finest cheese, crispy fresh bread, homemade jams and cakes that look like grandma’s secret recipe (see photo). They taste so delicious that you will want to take a whole basket home with you.
The china is traditional, the table setting is lovely, the little honey and jam clay jars carry the Byblos logo. Who makes these delicious croissants you may wonder, but that’s a secret of the house.

Breakfast at Byblos: An unforgettable experience in an idyllic atmosphere.

Restaurants and Bars

In April 2013 Alain Ducasse, one of the best chefs in the world, openend the new restaurant of the Byblos hotel. In the Rivea restaurant you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at the highest level on a breathtakingly beautiful terrace. It feels like sitting in the main square of a small southern French village.

Technically the Byblos is cheating a little bit. Because strictly speaking he is not the restaurant chef but only a kind of consultant. And even more strictly speaking, he is almost never here, but the restaurant is carrying his name. And that in turn inspires the true chefs of Rivea to give their best to cook as closely as possible to the Ducasse level.

And let’s be honest: In which of his numerous restaurants have you ever really seen the famous Alain Ducasse himself? We all know his most famous restaurants, the flagship Plaza Athenee and the Jules Verne in Paris, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which recently also got his signature, and the Louis XV in Monaco, the lavish restaurant right next to the casino. Additionally Ducasse lends his good name to restaurants in Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Doha and Las Vegas, just to name some. But one thing they all have in common: They all belong to the very best of each city. And in Saint Tropez it is not different: The Rivea is on its way up to become the number two behind the world-class restaurant La Vague d’or at the hotel Residénce de la Pinède, which has long been the undisputed number one in Saint Tropez.

But what is almost as important as the quality of the food in the Rivea, is the romantic factor. Along with the Villa Belrose it ist currently the most beautiful restaurant in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, and as for the romantic atmosphere, it even beats the Villa Belrose significantly. The restaurant was designed by Antonio Citterio, who also is responsible for the Bulgari Hotel in London.

In the Rivea of Alain Ducasse you dine in a garden, under trees or next to a small fountain.


The service is a bit rustic, but perfect. The chic poolside waiter is serving with routine. Don’t bother looking for the Far- Eastern submissive passion in service – you will not find it here in the south of France. They do their duty with great pride in their beautiful house. Surprisingly few standard phrases you will hear from the staff, here you talk to people at eye level, and you will soon notice: A little less „with pleasure sir“, for an honest effort of the highly trained staff to you’re your visit more authentic.

Spa und Sport

The Sisley Spa and the fitness center are not huge, but meet modern standards.

Pool and Gardens

The Sisley Spa and the fitness center are not huge, but meet modern standards.

They are, among other things, the reason for so many to come here again and again.

The beautiful garden is completely secluded from the outside and thus to non-hotel guests. The facade of the different parts of the building is painted in various pastel colors, so that you get the impression of sitting in the main square of a picturesque village. And this is it, the magical world, where the rich and famous guests of the Byblos spend their afternoons.